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Album Jahr Label
Love junks 2010 LC Music
Country Covers 2003 Unreleased
Live at Itterbeek, 27.07.2002 2002/2004 Bootleg / Unreleased
7 Day Weekend 1999 I Scream Records
Thirteen 1992 Play it again Sam
Bananas 1989 Play it again Sam
Sometimes Teenage is spelt T.N.T. 1988 Play it again Sam
We're the teenage lovers [mini] 1987 Play it again Sam
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EP Jahr Label
Meet the Paranoiacs 1986/2000 Twist Records

Single Jahr Label
Shout it out Youtube 2008 -
Rock 'n Roll show 2000 I Scream Records
Dog day afternoon 2000 I Scream Records
2009 2000 I Scream Records
Back From Nowhere 1999 Suck My Dick Records
Come and get it / Come alive 1992 Play it again Sam
1992 Play it again Sam
1992 Play it again Sam
1991 Ariola
1990 Play it again Sam
1989 Play it again Sam

Compilation Sample Jahr Label
Illegitimate Spawn The Fuzztones tribute album
Only sold on the Fuzztones tour! :-(
CD?: Track ?? "Cheyenne rider"
Marshall Box 2005 Sin Records
Punk It! Vol. 4 (08/03)
Track 10 "The wild side of life" (from unreleased "Country Covers")
| |
Marshall Box 2003 Imperial Records
Punk It! Vol. 3 (05/03)
Track 6 "? ich kann kein japanisch ?"
2003 Imperial Records
1,2,3,4 - A Lo-Fi Ramones Tribute
CD1: Track 04 "Carbona not glue"
| Info @ Ramones Discography
Marshall Box 2001 B-track
(organized by Kloot Per W)
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