Bandmitglied von
2001 bis 2007
Complete (! :) ) real name
Bart Van Eyken
Year of birth
Place of birth
Bonheiden, Belgium
Reason of birth
Still remains a mystery
First instrument (year)
Guitar '85, Bass since '91/'92
First band (year) / Bands til Paranoiacs
Victims of Society in '92 (old scool hc)
Void Section '96 (melodic punkrock)
Paranoiacs member since year
Favourite Paranoiacs member (and why)
none of them: too old
Favourite Paranoiacs song
Shake me up, I want it now, Born a sinner
Best (not only Paranoiacs) gig til now
Spermbirds at the Monty (Belgium) '92
Worst (not only Paranoiacs) gig til now
Don't remember
Favourite Bands
Bad religion, Spermbirds, Green Day, Social Distortion, NoFX, The Clement Peerens Explosition, Rudy en de Rekkers...
Worst Band ever
No idea
Profession (everyday life)
Post employee (sucks big time!)
Family status (wife/children?)
Just a girlfriend
Any comments
Wanna do the belgian paranoiacs-site too?