Bandmitglied von
1989 bis 2005

EMail address Jonas Maes
Complete (! :) ) real name
Jonas Oktaaf Angele Maes
Strumme - Zot
Year of birth
It was 1969 ok
Place of birth
Bornem - Antwerp - Belgium
Reason of birth
Overstock of fine belgian beer
First instrument (year)
Guitar 1982
First band (year) / Bands til Paranoiacs
Blazing Saddles (1985)
Paranoiacs member since year
1989 (oh my god)
Favourite Paranoiacs member (and why)
Me, myself and I (as we say in flemish: in het land der blinden is éénoog koning)
(Redaktion: Im Land der Blinden ist der Einäugige König ;-) )
Favourite Paranoiacs song
Best (not only Paranoiacs) gig til now
Helmet, Brian Setzer
Worst (not only Paranoiacs) gig til now
Paranoiacs in Düsseldorf (Purple Haze?): everyone (except me) was stoned and I couldn't "keep up" with their "tempo". Afterwards the lady-owner shouted at me and I just stood there. My God, that woman was angry!
Favourite Bands
The Jam, Hüsker Dü, Bad Religion
Worst Band ever
Rafke goes Latin
Profession (everyday life)
Graphic Designer
Family status (wife/children?)
Living together with Hilde; one son (Louis, aged 3)
Any comments
Beerschot Kampioen (one day, when Rafke starts using a third finger on his keyboard)