Bandmitglied von
1984 bis jetzt

EMail address Hans Stevens
Complete (! :) ) real name
Hans Eu"genius" Julia Stevens
Please give me one
Year of birth
I wish it could be 1965 again
Place of birth
Bornem - Antwerp - Belgium
Reason of birth
Start this f****** band and spread the evil words of Rock'n Roll
First instrument (year)
Play the recorder (1976) , Guitar (1982)
First band (year) / Bands til Paranoiacs
Uvex (1980)
Young Men Go West (1981)
Cadaveri Eccellenti (1982)
Paranoiacs member since year
Favourite Paranoiacs member (and why)
My bro , because we go along a long way
Favourite Paranoiacs song
I've been waiting, I know a boy , In my eye
Best (not only Paranoiacs) gig til now
Replacements (Vooruit Gent), Rocket from the crypt, Hellacopters, Ramones
Worst (not only Paranoiacs) gig til now
Too many
Favourite Bands
Ramones, The Clash, Stooges, Replacements, Big Star, Eastern Dark, Kiss, AC/DC, Dead boys, New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Mc5, Beach Boys, Social Distortion, Radio Birdman, Sonics, Standells, We the people, Music Machine, Alvin and the Chipmunks, .....
Worst Band ever
George Baker Selection
Profession (everyday life)
Researcher at a newspaper
Family status (wife/children?)
Mouche & Hanno (2001)
Any comments
Vene, Vidi, Vici