Bandmitglied von
1994 bis 2007

EMail address Stef De Rijck
Complete (! :) ) real name
Stefan De Rijck
Year of birth
Place of birth
Reason of birth
To drive the Paranoiacs van when the other members are drunk
First instrument (year)
Empty washing powder boxes when I was 3
First band (year) / Bands til Paranoiacs
Silence Please (1980)
Boozer (1982)
The Dream Force (1984)
Iron Grey (1985)
Ruff Stuff (1987)
(in my defense... I didn't come up with any of those names... ok... maybe I made up one or two but I probably was stoned or something)
Paranoiacs member since year
Favourite Paranoiacs member (and why)
Oh my god.... euhh... Jonas.... he's harsh but righteous... hehe... but I don't like anyone of them really...
Favourite Paranoiacs song
Being With You
Best (not only Paranoiacs) gig til now
Every AC/DC gig there ever was
Worst (not only Paranoiacs) gig til now
Steve Ritch and the Banana Pealers at Donington (2015)
Favourite Bands
AC/DC, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, The Supersuckers, Foo Fighters, Weezer .... and any band with Dave Lombardo (who the hell is... if u don't know try google)
Worst Band ever
Steve Ritch and the Banana Pealers... (= the band I will put together after I leave Paranoiacs)
Profession (everyday life)
Rafke's personal sideburns stylist and on the side Hanno's drum instructor (=Hanske's little kid)
Family status (wife/children?)
Married 10 years and still going strong... love ya dear X
Any comments
Thx and all my love to our german friends and congrats with this beautiful website!